Always …

Sometimes you just know: Always.




One of a kind embellished silver/gray glass heart with metal hardware and gear details. When shaken, the glass globe fills with silver and gray reflective sparkles and microdust, slowly settling. All designs and photographs are copyright (c)2016 Camryn Forrest Designs, Denver, Colorado USA.

Grow Old With Me (sparkle water globe)

A wisp of a lyric, written on the wind, “Grow old with me, the best is yet to be.

– John Lennon and Robert Browning had the same idea.


Along those simple lines, a snow globe holds a couple of indeterminate age, holding each other as the world swirls round them.

Shake the globe and the liquid fills with glittering sparkles of gold; each tiny star a memory, each memory a brick in the life that’s built together.

One of a kind snow globe/water ball, all images and design copyright (c) 2014 Camryn Forrest Designs, Denver, Colorado.

Tesla Mends a Broken Heart (snow globe)

One of my favorite scientists talked to me about Nikola Tesla a few years ago, saying that if he’d had the support and resources, he could have done amazing things.
In fact, we have no idea what he might have accomplished under other circumstances.

It got me thinking. Along with developing transmission of wireless communication, sharing free energy and maybe weapons of mass destruction, could Tesla mend a broken heart?

Tesla Mends Side 2 2014

In this snow globe, a tiny Tesla is dwarfed by his machinery, including an interior liquid and sparkle-filled tube wearing the mending heart. Shake it, and the water fills with crisp gold shimmers, much like the unseen energy Tesla believed was all around us.

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All designs and images copyright (c) 2014 Camryn Forrest Designs, Denver, Colorado.

Armored Heart – sparkle snow globe

Toughen up. Harden your heart. It’s a scary world out there.

armored heart insert brt crpd

We cover our hearts with bits of protection: the scars from long-ago loves, the uncertainty about our worthiness, worry over heartbreak yet to occur.

There’s a coat of armor, ready to ward off the slings and arrows of life, unpredictable alliances, fluid emotion.

Yet, between the shields of protective metal, the heart glimpses through, more curious than afraid, more hopeful than defeated.

Despite all precautions, the armored heart may yet be touched.

Armored Heart snow globe, Camryn Forrest Designs 2014. All images and designs copyright (c) 2013 and 2014 Camryn Forrest Designs, Denver, Colorado.

Attraction (copper heart)

Attraction copper heart snow globe, Camryn Forrest DesignsAt the Cherry Creek Arts Festival earlier this month, a small child asked me “what is your favorite snow globe here today?” And the surprising answer was: Attraction.

Well, it was surprising to me at least, because I thought I’d love my tiny airships, the Jules Verne-like “Under the Sea” submarine and octopus, the visual puns, such as “Too Big for his Bridges.”

But Attraction had the sweetest, most perfect sense of longing, of the undeniable pull in a new direction. The curving copper wire reminds me of tall grass and winds on the Kansas prairie, bending everything towards one point.

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It’s Complicated — Heart – Stacked Snow Globe

Now and then we get  take a fresh look at how to make snow globes —

It's Complicated Heart Snow Globe, Camryn Forrest Designs 2013

Last year it was the elaborate snow globe for the Sacramento Steampunk Society; this go around, it’s a double-decker snow globe with an open base, entitled “It’s Complicated.”

The tricky part of a double, open snow globe base isn’t making it, it is designing the open part so it can be touched. Because we have to believe that all snow globe are made to be picked up, touched and shaken. Unlike the interiors in snow globes, which are cradled by the surrounding liquid, that the open part of a double-decker snow globe will be touchable. Sure, folks are fairly careful with “art” but it’s out there in the elements and needs to be secure enough to withstand a poke, a prod, and a wiggle when the entire piece is upended and shaken.

“It’s Complicated” includes a black and silver glass heart with a few mechanical parts above, bathed in silver and black metallic glitter, with a push-me, pull-me sculpture on chain and springs below. Sometimes the love we show is “oh so pretty!” and the complicated feelings are below the surface. But in this case, you can see it all laid bare.

It's Complicated Heart Snow Globe, Camryn Forrest Designs 2013 It's Complicated Heart Snow Globe, Camryn Forrest Designs 2013 It's Complicated Heart Snow Globe, Camryn Forrest Designs 2013It's Complicated Heart Snow Globe, Camryn Forrest Designs 2013

“It’s Complicated” will be shown at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, July 5-6-7 in Denver, Colorado.  Stop by our booth and give it a shake.