Geodesic Dome/Dome

It’s an intriguing shape, the geodesic dome. Simply, interlocking straight lines are used to create polygons, those polygons in turn become a curved hemisphere shape, like half of a soccer ball or a jungle gym.

Credit for the geodesic dome in architecture goes to R. Buckminister Fuller: “a light, domelike structure developed by R. Buckminster Fuller to combine the properties of the tetrahedron and the sphere and consisting essentially of a grid of compression or tension members lying upon or parallel to great circles running in three directions in any given area, the typical form being the projection upon a sphere of an icosahedron, the triangular faces of which are filled with a symmetrical triangular, hexagonal, or quadrangular grid.”

Woah, that’s a lot of words for a half an orange. But another meaning of dome is slang for the shape of the human head. Which got us thinking: what if you put a geodesic dome on your dome?


One of a kind clay sculpture with metallic finish, brass and aluminum embellishment to create geodesic dome. Snow globe and sculpture images and design are copyright (c) 2016 Camryn Forrest Designs, Denver, Colorado USA.


Citation: geodesic dome. (n.d.). Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. Retrieved May 16, 2016 from website

Heads of Clay – work in progress

I have a file on my computer called “Heads of Clay.” When you peek inside you see all the progress I’ve made, learning to sculpt exactly that.

These tiny clay skulls are less than two inches tall — it might be easier working life-size (or not), but the glass globe always dictates just large a piece can be.

I’m in the studio today, trying to get better at my craft. (Okay, not technically in the studio as I write this, but I am taking a quick break. You understand, right?)

Sculpting the heads is one thing, but sometimes (no pun intended) they take on a mind of their own. Like this one: Shrink Wrap.

Will I be the only person to think it’s amusing, the visual pun, the play on words? See, there’s a tiny figure of a “shrink” sitting atop a head, which is wrapped. With shrink wrap.Shrink Wrap miniature head sculpture in snow globe, Camryn Forrest Designs, Denver Colorado Shrink Wrap miniature head sculpture in snow globe, Camryn Forrest Designs, Denver Colorado

Yeah, I wish I could take responsibility for coming up with that through some thoughtful creative process, but it just popped into my head … hey! I’m serious! A person who studies the mind, the shrink, on a head that is wrapped in … goodness! Will I be the only one who thinks this is a hoot? Possibly. Can’t worry about that now, I have more heads to examine. Literally and figuratively.



Here’s a glimpse of what else I’ve been working on … off and on … taking the idea of a person and his or her head, and showing what might be inside. Exciting for me, since I’m still fascinated with how and where ideas emerge.



Custom snow globes and miniatures sculptures. Miniature head sculpture (clay with metal embellishments) in snow globes. All images and designs copyright (c) 2015, Camryn Forrest Designs, Denver, Colorado, USA.

Long and Winding Road

Life’s like that: a series of twists and turns where you end up in an unexpected place.

Maybe it makes you laugh, maybe you feel frightened by what you cannot predict. Sometimes life takes you to a place you’ve never been before that feels like it’s home. Or perhaps you wander into a dead-end alley and have to figure out a new path, retracing steps and wondering “how did I get here?”

Like the bestLong Winding Road custom snow globe, Camryn Forrest Designs 2015 short stories, and maybe the best novels and best lives, often the journey has a long and winding road, one where you can’t see the beginning and the end along the way, but one that takes you exactly where you need to be. Or when you finally reach that spot that feels like home and you wonder: what took me so long to find this place? Not knowing … ah, keeps it interesting that way.

Or as the wise philosopher Buckaroo Bonzai said, “where ever you go, that’s where you’ll be.”





“Long Winding Road” one of a kind custom snow globe, with clay stone steps, vintage toys and jewelry findings in a liquid-filled glass globe. When shaken, the liquid swirls with hopes and dreams, love and loss, and a few sparkles and iridescent hearts. All designs and images copyright (c) 2015 Camryn Forrest Designs, Denver, Colorado USA.

Running Out of Time snow globe

Running out of time … what if it weren’t that time were running out? What if you were running?
This globe reminded me of the powerful thoughts in Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five. Vonnegut’s Billy Pilgrim has become “unstuck in time” — but in a larger sense, we are all able to do this, by focusing on certain ideas and events, we make time — our own time — matter differently.
Running Out of Time_snowglobe by Camryn Forrest Design

So rather than let time run out, I prefer running out of time. On my own power and terms. Become unstuck, make those moments count.


Running Out of Time, one of a kind snow globe/waterglobe with vintage watch faces, and shimmering gold glitter. All images and designs copyright (c) 2015 Camryn Forrest Designs, Denver, Colorado, USA.

Men At Work

Machines both fascinate and frighten me. Sometimes their impact seems to overwhelm the presence of the very people who created them.
This sparkle snow globe, Men at Work, illustrates that feeling. Just who is in charge, anyway? what are we trying to accomplish?

Men at Work custom snow globe by Camryn Forrest Designs, Denver, Colorado

When shaken, the scene is bathed in shimmering gold dust … until the dust settles, and the work begins again.

One of a kind snow globe/sparkle water globe with interior assembled sculpture of tiny men, gears, machines and tools. All images and designs copyright (c) 2015 Camryn Forrest Designs, Denver, Colorado.

Deep Thoughts, or “where’d I put that idea?” snow globe

Deep Thoughts snow globe, Camryn Forrest Designs, Denver, Colorado USAI like the idea of Deep Thoughts, so ominous and important. Sitting around solving problems, contemplating the universe, or perhaps, just remembering to pick up milk on the way home.

Sometimes there’s a “deep thought” nibbling at the surface of my mind, something I can’t quite wrap around, something I can’t recall or can’t formulate. And thinking about thinking, which is what it amounts to, led to thinking about sending a crew to go get those important things I want to deliberate, or cogitate. (Is it just me, or do a lot of verbs about thinking sound like they could be parts of a washing machine cycle?)

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire a cleaning crew to get rid of some embarrassing moment you want to forget, or a hazmat crew to sanitize your darkest secrets, or a cheerful group of elves to climb into recent memories and retrieve the happy ending to the dream you couldn’t quite recollect when your eyes opened?

Dig in, there are plenty of deep thoughts to go around.



“Deep Thoughts” one of a kind snow globe/waterglobe with sculptured miniature clay head and tiny workers digging deep into one’s mind. All designs and images are copyright (c) 2014 Camryn Forrest Designs, Denver, Colorado, USA.