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We’d love to hear from you. Please enter your information in the following form and let us know if you’d like a response.

Please check your email address carefully — we have replied to several emails that are not deliverable, and there’s no way to reach you without the perfectly written email address in this form. But if for any reason you don’t hear back from us, please write again. We DO answer all emails received. (We are also on Facebook, feel free to contact us there, CamrynForrestDesigns)

When you complete this form, we’ll receive an email from you and we can continue the conversation from there, direct email to email.

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Camryn Forrest Designs consists of two people: an artist with “out of the globe” ideas & occasional insomnia; and a snowglobe engineer with technical expertise and architectural sensibilities. None of the snowglobes and waterglobes shown would exist without the efforts of both of us.

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