Articles and Snow Globe Links

Here are some mentions and features on the snowglobes we enjoy making:

‘Odd Beauty’ Illuminates Steampunk with Special Programs at Southampton Art Center


Simply Creative (art and creativity blog at Blogger)

by Susan Yang

Travelogue from Steamcon V


Evaelena – Makers Part 18

Camryn Forrest Designs was honored to be featured on Evaelena’s ongoing series of maker profiles.


Sparknotes / Mindhut

15 Clocktacular Steampunk Snow Globes!



Artist Camryn Forrest featured
in The Art of Steampunk
— and at Cherry Creek Arts fest

By Noah Reynolds Wed., Jul. 3 2013


She Walks Softly
(wordpress blog)


An excerpt from the Barnstable Patriot newspaper:

To be Shaken, Not Stirred

Gorgeous custom globes by Camryn Forrest Designs depict an intriguing form of Steampunk art – a kind of alternate reality that mixes modern ideas and technology with inventions from the Victorian age. These often contain repurposed or “found” items such as silver bolts, copper or bronze gears or old military buttons, with metallic gold and silver specks replacing the snow. One amazing globe/sculpture pays tribute to H.G. Wells; others contain hot air balloons or clockwork-y mechanisms.


STEAMED! Steampunk Snowglobes by Maeve Alpin


 One of the most fascinating sites, Dark Roasted Blend, linked to us a while back:


If It’s Hip, It’s Here

I heard from many readers of this site, who discovered my artwork through “If it’s hip, it’s here …”   Very fun!


Illuminati Watcher

Note: You called my steampunk snowglobes “badass” and I thought it was great!


The Trend Hunter (

Thanks for the feature article and all the great photos!


Clockwork Alchemy ( part of Fanime (

Thanks to all the jury members who agreed that snow globes were art, and invited me into the Clockwork Alchemy show. Special shout-out to Sandra Forrer, who ran the artists bazaar and was absolutely incredible about communicating with all of us. Bravo!


Epbot ( Geekery, Girliness and Goofing Off

Many thanks for including Camryn Forrest Designs in your Saturday Steam section. As a fan of Epbot, it was a huge thrill to see my work on your site!  Double thanks for the unrelated “how to create a patina” tutorial that I found useful for a particular project. Your timing was impeccable.


Tampa Steampunk

I’m just awed that you found my globes! Hope I can get out to a Tampa-area con in the future.


Business Montres and Joallerie


Andy Zito’s Snow Globes and Snow Domes

This man knows his domes.

Snow Globe Central
, amazing custom globes and snow globe REPAIRS!

In the meantime, all of you ROCK!  Keep on shaking!


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