A Very Good Year

Experimenting with a very fine
and very dense crushed glitter,
it struck me how rich and red
the liquid was when shaken:
almost opaque,
yet dancing
with a
reflected sparkle.
In the language of grapes:
depth of flavor and aroma;
it is rich, full-bodied and intense.

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“Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.”   – Paulo Coelho (from the novel “Brida.”)

“A Very Good Year” custom, one-of-a-kind snow globe (water globe), with dense red sparkle-dust in liquid, and a sculpture including wine bottle, glasses and a swirling glass heart. All images and designs copyright (c) 2013 Camryn Forrest Designs, Denver, Colorado.

A Mended Heart – resilient water globe

Wounded and battered, held together with wire and glue and magic of sorts, supported with hope and dreams, the resilient heart stands tall.

Four-inch glass globe with one of a kind, custom interior snow globe sculpture of glass, wire, copper, faux jewels, wood and chain. Base finish: faux copper patina. When shaken, the Mended Heart shimmers with a dusting of gold sparkles and dust. Design and all images copyright (c) 2013 Camryn Forrest Designs, Denver, Colorado

Where Love Grows

Roots and branches, leaves and seeds.

In this leafless tree, a golden heart is held aloft by gentle arms and a sturdy trunk. Love grows where stories are told, and where people share laughter, where they hold each other and promise the pain will go away. And it will.

Wrapped along the base, a series of spaced brass rivets marches, teased by random, unmeasured leaves.

Where does love grow? Everywhere, anywhere … spring comes again.

“Where Love Grows” one of a kind snow globe (water globe) by Camryn Forrest Designs. All images copyright (c) 2013 Camryn Forrest Designs.

Attraction (copper heart)

Attraction copper heart snow globe, Camryn Forrest DesignsAt the Cherry Creek Arts Festival earlier this month, a small child asked me “what is your favorite snow globe here today?” And the surprising answer was: Attraction.

Well, it was surprising to me at least, because I thought I’d love my tiny airships, the Jules Verne-like “Under the Sea” submarine and octopus, the visual puns, such as “Too Big for his Bridges.”

But Attraction had the sweetest, most perfect sense of longing, of the undeniable pull in a new direction. The curving copper wire reminds me of tall grass and winds on the Kansas prairie, bending everything towards one point.

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