READY — green heart snow globe

I think of the times in my life I was truly ready, and in contrast, those times I thought I was NOT ready, but I went for it anyway. Have you ever climbed to the top of a high diving board, looked down and thought: I’m not ready, I’ll never be ready! But somehow you manage to jump anyway?  And the best part is, it turned out better than you thought possible.

In sports, there’s a saying for those guys who are waiting on the bench, “always be ready when your number is called.”

Because, of course, we never know precisely when it’sREADY - one of a kind snow globe, Camryn Forrest Designs, 2012 our turn to shine.

For friends I know who are teetering on their personal high board, debating if they
are ready
to jump into something new
… and for those who are as ready as they can be,
just waiting for an opportunity to prove it …
… those with a fresh diploma, embarking into a new world full of dreams …
and especially those not sure they would love again.

This globe’s for you. READY when you are.


ready_back ready_side1

ready_side2 ready_top

Dances with Clouds – Balloonship snow globe

Where would you go, and how would you travel?

Dances With Clouds snow globe

Dances with Clouds … a battered airship carried by a hot air balloon, drifting high among the tatters and wisps of clouds. Sometimes you write a story and create artwork which illustrates the tale, enhancing the details.

And sometimes, as with “Dances with Clouds,” the artwork writes its own story without a word needed.

Sailing from one adventure and toward another, what story does it tell you?

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The Bomb (Hide in Plain Sight) snow globe

The Bomb snow globe

This snow globe is da bomb.

When I’m digging through a bin of costume jewelry at a thrift shop or yard sale, I don’t expect to find a tiny bomb among the rubble of rhinestones, silvertone seagulls and tarnished beads. But just like in real life, you never really know what’s around the corner, or lurking under those authentic “made in China” pukka shells. We don’t suspect a “bombshell” before it’s dropped in casual conversation. We don’t expect to go from digging for diamonds to dealing with destruction in a flash.

So this bomb is front and center in a snow globe, touched with a shimmer of dark dust, and surrounded by what may be harmless shapes: towers and cones and flying saucers, planets and satellites. The shape of the bomb is seductive, its pose is alert but inert. For now.

Do you prefer danger to be out of sight and out of mind, or to be hidden in plain view?

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Radio Silence – vacuum tube waterglobe

Radio Silence Snow Globe - Camryn Forrest Designs 2012A simple machine, or a curious invention, with a repurposed real radio vacuum tube as the focal point.

This tiny sculpture features a battered barrel of fuel, copper coils, measuring devices and assorted gears, bathed in a glittering shower of sooty dark dust when the globe is shaken. The custom base is wrapped with a canvas belt and rows of brass and metal details, and finished with a twine-tied corset closure.

As the title implies, it remains silent, but oh, the stories it could tell.

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Time Warp distorted clockface water globe

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As Einstein said once, time is relative. He may have been talking about the physics of moving objects, but I think it applies to ripping open an envelope you’ve been waiting for with excitement, pacing the doctor’s waiting room, and to waiting in lines at an amusement park. It goes fast when you are having fun and slows down when you are waiting for something wonderful (or painful) to happen. Sometimes it seems minutes and hours just whiz by, and you don’t know where the time went. Anticipation, and fear, can make time feel warped and twisted.

“Time Warp” is a handmade liquid-filled snow globe with two clockfaces, back to back, and a few extra timepieces, including an hourglass thrown in for good measure. On the largest clockface, in front, tiny people figures ride the arms, count the minutes and wait. Time has warped and no longer has a point of reference for how much as passed. Instead of traditional snow, the liquid fills with a mixture of iridescent dust and silver numerals that have become separated from the clock, setting their own pace as they swirl and fall.

Perhaps one of these quotes applies to you:
“Time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time.” – Marthe Troly-Curtin.
“Let’s do the Time Warp again.” – Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Skating the Issue – custom snow globe

Skating the Issue custom snow globeSkating the Issue custom snow globeA tiny Ferris wheel contraption with four antique brass roller skates instead of seating is enclosed in a glass globe with shimmering liquid, for those who like endlessly “skating the issue,” steampunk-style. It may have wheels, but this curious invention is going nowhere on purpose.

Now I know that “skirting the issue” reminds me of when someone wraps around a banquet table, ostensibly to cover up anything the guests don’t need to see, a place to tuck your problems, wires, empty dishes, etc. behind the curtain.

But what is “skating the issue?” I imagine it’s when the issue is like a spot of cracked, thin ice, and one skates around it, but tries ever so hard to avoid it. That of course, would involve ice skates, and these are old-fashioned four-wheeled roller skates, so the analogy doesn’t work at all. This waterglobe (or snow globe or waterball, if you must) does exactly what it is supposed to do.

Skirting, skating. You choose.

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