It’s About Time

Think about it, if we could understand time, we’d understand most of the mysteries of the universe.

“Time is an illusion.”
― Albert Einstein

Its_About_Time snowglobe CamrynForrestDesigns, Denver, Colorado

It’s about time.  It’s ALWAYS about time.

  • Time is money.
  • Time waits for no man.
  • Like winter snow on summer lawn, time past is time gone …


    “There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”
    ― Bill Watterson


I often say, it’s a good thing there are deadlines, because without the last minute, nothing would get done around here. But we never know if we have years left, or minutes, or merely seconds. We tell ourselves that time is precious, one shouldn’t waste time, that there is no time like the present.

Because, just like shaking a snow globe and watching the shiny numbers flitter, dance and sink again, time is fleeting. We have to make the most of what time we have; we have to dream, we have to be kind, we have to remember to laugh.

“One day spent with someone you love can change everything.”
― Mitch Albom



 “How did it get so late so soon?”
― Dr. Seuss

A four-sided grandfather clock, with time-related embellishments and detail, inside a snow globe. When shaken, the liquid-filled globe dances with gold glitter and silver numerals, representing the minutes and hours of time. One of a kind snow globe (snowstorm, waterglobe).  All designs and images copyright (c) 2014 Camryn Forrest Designs, Denver, Colorado USA.


“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

The Blue Heart (or “Let It Be”) Snow Globe

I’m fascinated with iconic images which hold tight in my imagination. With tiny solid objects that evoke mysterious emotions. This snowless water globe was one of those that I found appealing because of its ambivalence, its ability to be interpreted in so many ways.

Two reaching copper hands, one blue heart hovering mid-air. It was simple, but powerful in a way I could not name.

Let It Be - Snow Globe, Camryn Forrest Designs 2013

Were the hands reaching out to catch a falling heart? Was the elusive heart flying out of reach? Is the heart coming or going? Are the hands ready to comfort, or acknowledging the heart’s new freedom? It called to me, “redemption, hope, caring, freedom, strength.” But I wasn’t certain what this globe was saying.

So I called on an army of experts, (my dear friends) and showed them the initial sculpture and wondered which of the many themes captured the dilemma of this fragile blue glass heart. I got quite a few opinions (“Call it Grace, or Love, or Trust,” … and one statement, loud and clear.

“The snow globe should be called “Let It Be” and it is mine,”  I heard firmly.  Of course, I couldn’t argue against the voice of such conviction.

So “Let It Be” became the name of this handmade snow globe (with shimmering silver dust instead of snow, because you know: I never use snow.) And so it is. Let It Be.

Time Warp distorted clockface water globe

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As Einstein said once, time is relative. He may have been talking about the physics of moving objects, but I think it applies to ripping open an envelope you’ve been waiting for with excitement, pacing the doctor’s waiting room, and to waiting in lines at an amusement park. It goes fast when you are having fun and slows down when you are waiting for something wonderful (or painful) to happen. Sometimes it seems minutes and hours just whiz by, and you don’t know where the time went. Anticipation, and fear, can make time feel warped and twisted.

“Time Warp” is a handmade liquid-filled snow globe with two clockfaces, back to back, and a few extra timepieces, including an hourglass thrown in for good measure. On the largest clockface, in front, tiny people figures ride the arms, count the minutes and wait. Time has warped and no longer has a point of reference for how much as passed. Instead of traditional snow, the liquid fills with a mixture of iridescent dust and silver numerals that have become separated from the clock, setting their own pace as they swirl and fall.

Perhaps one of these quotes applies to you:
“Time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time.” – Marthe Troly-Curtin.
“Let’s do the Time Warp again.” – Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Suspended in Time

Did you ever feel like you were suspended in time?

I showed this one of a kind waterglobe (snowglobe) at Anomaly Con in Denver, back in March. At the time, I brought about a dozen globes to be part of the Artist’s Gallery display there.

While I have always liked the airy feel, and the balance of this design, I was a little surprised that many people told me it was one of their favorites. I would have bet the floating airship. Maybe RayGun One.

The design incorporates a coil of very thin copper wire, threaded through spacer shapes to make an airy spiral. There is the suggestion of a clock hand on the spiral, indicating infinite time, wrapping and warping into the future.

There is a second clear tube inside the glass globe and that tube is filled with beads and black dust, so it is a snowglobe inside a snowglobe. When you shake one, you shake both, but the black beads are suspended longer in their interior liquid chamber. The clock face, which is wrapped around the tube is a nod to the great Salvatore Dali and his melting clocks. The interior base of the globe is also a clock face, although it’s only visible to someone looking straight down on the glass globe, I know it’s there.

Suspended in Time, custom snowglobe/waterglobe, March 2012.

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