Suspended in Time

Did you ever feel like you were suspended in time?

I showed this one of a kind waterglobe (snowglobe) at Anomaly Con in Denver, back in March. At the time, I brought about a dozen globes to be part of the Artist’s Gallery display there.

While I have always liked the airy feel, and the balance of this design, I was a little surprised that many people told me it was one of their favorites. I would have bet the floating airship. Maybe RayGun One.

The design incorporates a coil of very thin copper wire, threaded through spacer shapes to make an airy spiral. There is the suggestion of a clock hand on the spiral, indicating infinite time, wrapping and warping into the future.

There is a second clear tube inside the glass globe and that tube is filled with beads and black dust, so it is a snowglobe inside a snowglobe. When you shake one, you shake both, but the black beads are suspended longer in their interior liquid chamber. The clock face, which is wrapped around the tube is a nod to the great Salvatore Dali and his melting clocks. The interior base of the globe is also a clock face, although it’s only visible to someone looking straight down on the glass globe, I know it’s there.

Suspended in Time, custom snowglobe/waterglobe, March 2012.

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