The Blue Heart (or “Let It Be”) Snow Globe

I’m fascinated with iconic images which hold tight in my imagination. With tiny solid objects that evoke mysterious emotions. This snowless water globe was one of those that I found appealing because of its ambivalence, its ability to be interpreted in so many ways.

Two reaching copper hands, one blue heart hovering mid-air. It was simple, but powerful in a way I could not name.

Let It Be - Snow Globe, Camryn Forrest Designs 2013

Were the hands reaching out to catch a falling heart? Was the elusive heart flying out of reach? Is the heart coming or going? Are the hands ready to comfort, or acknowledging the heart’s new freedom? It called to me, “redemption, hope, caring, freedom, strength.” But I wasn’t certain what this globe was saying.

So I called on an army of experts, (my dear friends) and showed them the initial sculpture and wondered which of the many themes captured the dilemma of this fragile blue glass heart. I got quite a few opinions (“Call it Grace, or Love, or Trust,” … and one statement, loud and clear.

“The snow globe should be called “Let It Be” and it is mine,”  I heard firmly.  Of course, I couldn’t argue against the voice of such conviction.

So “Let It Be” became the name of this handmade snow globe (with shimmering silver dust instead of snow, because you know: I never use snow.) And so it is. Let It Be.

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