My mind is a messy tangle of tangents, reaching out every which way.  You’ve heard someone say they enter a room and can’t remember what they wanted? That happens in my thoughts: I reach in for one process and come out with an invention, or a pun, or a memory that shakes my core.

What? What were you saying? Oh, shakes my core with happiness, or was it fear, or was it simmering resentment. I can’t remember now, I’m thinking about how many flavors of ice cream there are, really. And my favorite dog, once upon a time. And how I should have sent that thank-you note when it still mattered.

If you are given to such imagery, perhaps your mind is like an octopus, with reaching, pulsing tentacles, touching one thought and repelling another. Selective thoughts, random memories. We call it, Octo-Thought.


One of  a kind snow globe (water globe) with original sculpted figure wearing an octopus headdress, or perhaps, an octopus itself. One never knows, does one? Liquid filled globe shimmers with mylar sea creatures when shaken.  All photographs and designs are copyright (c) 2017 Camryn Forrest Designs, Denver, Colorado, USA.


Depths of Repair … underwater Ferris Wheel waterglobe

I don’t like riding Ferris Wheels, but I sure like making them.

There is something so satisfying about building a tiny contraption that spins around.

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I was looking at the cross-section of a conch shell and thought “hey, that would make a cool Ferris wheel contraption.” As I went about happily making a carnival ride out of seashells and parts of a sunken ship, I wondered, “who would MAKE such a ride?” and then, “who would keep it running?”

So I added an octopus arm, with confident tentacles wielding a tiny wrench. The first person who heard a description asked me how people would know that the octupus was a benevolent and helpful sort, who was fixing the Ferris Wheel, and not dismantling it. This dilemma had not occurred to me.

And that is how it got its name: Depths of Repair.

So there is no doubt, the tentacles belong to a Repair-Opus and not a Dismantle-Opus.