Depths of Repair … underwater Ferris Wheel waterglobe

I don’t like riding Ferris Wheels, but I sure like making them.

There is something so satisfying about building a tiny contraption that spins around.

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I was looking at the cross-section of a conch shell and thought “hey, that would make a cool Ferris wheel contraption.” As I went about happily making a carnival ride out of seashells and parts of a sunken ship, I wondered, “who would MAKE such a ride?” and then, “who would keep it running?”

So I added an octopus arm, with confident tentacles wielding a tiny wrench. The first person who heard a description asked me how people would know that the octupus was a benevolent and helpful sort, who was fixing the Ferris Wheel, and not dismantling it. This dilemma had not occurred to me.

And that is how it got its name: Depths of Repair.

So there is no doubt, the tentacles belong to a Repair-Opus and not a Dismantle-Opus.

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