Love … It’s Complicated

I was working on this snow globe, with a beautiful iridescent heart, bouncing on a tightly coiled brass wire spring, and all kinds of tiny machinery holding it together: connecting this side to that side, propping it up and keeping it in place, building a fence to protect and support the strong but breakable glass heart.

During this marathon workshop time I reached a stopping point, and I went out to have an iced coffee with a friend. I described the snow globe to her in detail, saying that I couldn’t decide between calling it “Love – It’s Not That Hard” and “Love – It’s Complicated.”

She looked at me like I was a little nuts and said firmly, “Love … It’s Complicated.

And so this snow globe was named.

Love may be complicated sometimes, but it sure is a wonderful and beautiful thing. A little steampunk pizazz, maybe a little lop-sided just like real life.  Sometimes when things are shaken up, it’s even prettier in the chaos, and when the dust settles, you can see everything clearly. True in snow globes, true in real life.

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