Shore Enough

As with so many pieces of art, this little tableau set out in its own determined direction, far removed from my original intent.

I was working on sculpting tiny crows, and happened to flip one over so the tail went slightly UP, instead of the crow-like slightly DOWN.

And it gave the impression of a shore bird or sandpiper, much less ominous than a crow. Perhaps a black-necked stilt, with its long beak and elegant legs. I reworked the clay to fit the new orientation.

The tiny metal beaks are made from the tips of brass escutcheon nails used in carpentry, and the skinny legs are black pins used in making jewelry. I like the incongruous flat feet (nail heads) on the sculpture. The marsh plants are simply brass beads on wire.

Instead of sparkles and confetti, this liquid globe contains a helping of real sand and tiny shells, which make a soft sound (not unlike the surf) when the globe is shaken. The sand collects in the indented circle of the base, much like a tide pool, and then swirls on command (“command” being code for when you pick it up and move the globe so the liquid inside responds in kind.)

A peaceful departure from many of our more elaborate designs.


Shore Enough – one of a kind handmade clay and metal sculpture, enclosed in a four-inch glass globe with liquid, sand and shells. Base is finished with a wrapping of individually made metal-finished clay twigs. All images and designs copyright (c) 2014 Camryn Forrest Designs, Denver, Colorado, USA.