That’s just so … cool!

Tesla Coil model in snowglobe

It’s been a crazy May and starting out to be a crazy/fun June. I am starting to see signs that July could be off the charts.

Time to take a moment and thank a few folks for recent mentions in columns and blogs, or for otherwise assisting Camryn Forrest Designs in getting the snowglobe artwork out to be seen by people who might enjoy it.

Here are some recent mentions and features on the snowglobes I enjoy making:

If It’s Hip, It’s Here

I heard from many readers of this site, who discovered my artwork through “If it’s hip, it’s here …”   Very fun!

Illuminati Watcher

Note: You called my steampunk snowglobes “badass” and I thought it was great!

The Trend Hunter (

Thanks for the feature article and all the great photos!

Clockwork Alchemy ( part of Fanime (

Thanks to all the jury members who agreed that snow globes were art, and invited me into the Clockwork Alchemy show. Special shout-out to Sandra Forrer, who ran the artists bazaar and was absolutely incredible about communicating with all of us. Bravo! (And she has the most amazing steampunk wardrobe, as well. Color me jealous: a new outfit every day for four days, including steampunk belly dancer.)

Epbot ( Geekery, Girliness and Goofing Off

Many thanks for including Camryn Forrest Designs in your Saturday Steam section. As a fan of Epbot, it was a huge thrill to see my work on your site!  Double thanks for the unrelated “how to create a patina” tutorial that I found useful for a particular project. Your timing was impeccable.

Tampa Steampunk

I’m just awed that you found my globes! Hope I can get out to a Tampa-area con in the future.

In the meantime, all of you ROCK!  Keep on shaking!


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