Custom Waterglobe/Snowglobe: RayGun One

The challenge was simple: could I make a model “Ray Gun” small enough to fit inside a 4-inch glass globe? After many trials and errors, I found a design that was pleasing. I knew I wanted to make a custom base that gave the impression of a bullet belt, but I realized that Ray Guns probably don’t use bullets. Instead, I made the custom base using glass fuses, which seemed plausible.

The copper discs at the base of the gun are not pennies; they are individual molds of antique military buttons. Instead of “snow” we floated a whirlwind of tiny silver specks, which gives the impression of “rays” without the risk. At AnomolyCon in Denver, this was one of the most popular of all the snowglobes displayed.

RayGun One, custom waterglobe, 2012

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