Shoes Your Weapon

I like a lot of things. As my family will agree, I really like shoes.

This tiny Victorian boot was so inspiring to me.

Yes, I made it, but when I finished, it was such a pleasing little thing, it made me want to go farther than just having a boot in a snowglobe. I even took it to work one day and showed people and exclaimed, isn’t this just the coolest thing?¬† It’s less than two inches tall, and fits in the palm of one’s hand perfectly. I kept it on my desk for a couple days, just enjoying looking at it, the way it was, before the wheels and cannon balls were even in the picture. But originally I didn’t have a design in mind, I had just wanted to see if I could create a convincing miniature Victorian boot.

Then one day, I was just looking at the boot and it reminded me of the shape of a cannon. I added the wheels and the fuse, a few cannon balls … it took on a life of its own at that point.

As you’ve noticed by now, I love the visual pun.

And so, one of my current favorite globes:

Shoes Your Weapon.

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