Not a Level Playing Field – football meets Escher waterglobe

Not a Level Playing Field snow globe, Camryn Forrest Designs, Denver, Colorado

Ever heard the saying “it’s not a level playing field?”  I’m a football fan — don’t laugh, I swear it! And in recent years, the teams I’ve been following struggled. More than a little.

There’s not a lot of ways to put this nicely, but sometimes it just looks like we aren’t on the same page, or in the same book, or even in the same library. And boom goes the dynamite! What captures this season for me is how everyone is doing their job, doing what they should do and still … still … apparently not able to play the game as a team, as a unit. The quarterback throws on one plane, the wide receiver runs on another, linemen are upside down and sideways. Yep, looks familiar.

Why is it that some teams take a deep breath and think and act as a single entity, and others, full of heart and life and talent, can’t seem to find their way? Heck, if I knew that, I’d be coaching. For real.

I figure mixing M.C. Escher’s warped staircases and American football in a snow globe makes just about as much sense as our season.

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