Meeting of Minds – custom snowglobe

Two men, one old and one young, meet on an unusual path. Is it a stubborn standstill, a compromise, or renewal of friendship? A small group gathers to hear a man speak from a soapbox. Lovers, oblivious to all around them, find a quiet moment on a porch swing.

This waterglobe evolved, as so many do, with a single thought followed by second and third interpretations. A “Meeting of Minds” is just that: hearing another person’s thoughts, listening, reacting. Whether the meeting proves to be life-changing, or just a forgotten moment, those times matter when we don’t pass like ships in the night, but hear and consider each other’s point of view. Watching from our vantage point outside their world, we never know if the people we see are in agreement, making amends, planning their future, or perhaps saying goodbye.

Meeting of Minds snowglobe, back view, 2012

Meeting of Minds, snowglobe, side view, 2012

If you hold this waterglobe in your hand, and look closely, the crisscross of design and people becomes a focus on single moments. Here is the detail of the porch swing.

Meeting of Minds snowglobe, detail of porch swing figures, 2012

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