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I have a special treat for everyone today, and I don’t mean the drop of whiskey I put in the tea, Camryn Forrest has boarded the airship today. She is a Steampunk artist, who works with  the enchanting, whimsical and technical art of water globes and snow globes. We take our seats on the crimson settee in the parlor just in time for tea. The engine purrs for take off.

“Camryn, we’re so pleased to have you aboard the Steamed airship today. Your Steampunk globes are fascinating. Why did you choose this particular art?” I lean toward her. “What draws you to water globes and snow globes?”

 “I am drawn to small items. As a child, I made my own dollhouse furniture – carving little legs for my chairs, making a clay bird in a wire cage, covering tiny books with strips of leather and painting titles on the…

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Fail Boot

I have been asked if everything I make ends up in a snow globe. The short answer: no.

Case in point.


Let’s see, I was sculpting a modern take on “There was an old lady who lived in a shoe…” and then I decided that it was a mobile home or something. I don’t know. A copper-roofed boot with wheels seemed like a good idea for about 13 seconds.

I ended up with Fail Boot.

That is all.

The Bomb (Hide in Plain Sight) snow globe

The Bomb snow globe

This snow globe is da bomb.

When I’m digging through a bin of costume jewelry at a thrift shop or yard sale, I don’t expect to find a tiny bomb among the rubble of rhinestones, silvertone seagulls and tarnished beads. But just like in real life, you never really know what’s around the corner, or lurking under those authentic “made in China” pukka shells. We don’t suspect a “bombshell” before it’s dropped in casual conversation. We don’t expect to go from digging for diamonds to dealing with destruction in a flash.

So this bomb is front and center in a snow globe, touched with a shimmer of dark dust, and surrounded by what may be harmless shapes: towers and cones and flying saucers, planets and satellites. The shape of the bomb is seductive, its pose is alert but inert. For now.

Do you prefer danger to be out of sight and out of mind, or to be hidden in plain view?

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